Friday, May 22, 2009

DPRJones is Back... but where's FrankReturns?

Yes! Justice is served!

DPRJones was suspended (apparently, permanently) two days ago because he received the third inappropriate video-flagging in a short period of time. Anyone who has reviewed the subject videos is aware that they did not breach any YouTube guidelines and were 'false-flagged'. Many of us suspected FrankReturns was responsible for the false-flagging campaign.

And now, in a supreme act of pwnage... DPRJones' account is back and FrankReturns has been suspended... AWESOME!

Funny, I sent FrankReturns a message yesterday that simply said, "Goodbye, FrankReturns". My prediction was true! All hail ME, the new Messiah!

Then again, leave me alone, I'm busy buying lottery tickets...


PersonalFailure said...

Okay, I'll hail you, but be forewarned, atheists make bad worshippers.

and good for ya, FrankReturns! Here's hoping you don't!

Anonymous said...

Frank is on a different channel
FranksVoice or something like that